Golf in India

Golf is a growing sport in India, especially after surprising performance by Indian teenage golfer at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Her qualification and great performance at the first round brought much hope in the Indian contingent at the 2016 Olympics.

Recently, many state-run corporations like the SAIL and the SBI has come up to organize Golf tournaments. The SAIL-SBI Open is organized every year since 2008, with the prize money of $300,000. Though, the popularity has been rising; there are concerns that the sport is only played among the rich classes in India. This is because of the unavailability of these golf courses as well as the high costs of the golf clubs.

India currently had 196 registered golf courses, but around 50% of them are situated on military cantonments, which make them inaccessible to the common public.

According to an avid golfer Achal Ghai (Senior Member, Emirates Golf Club), the conditions of Indian Golf should be dealt with holistic and comprehensive approach such as, by building at least 100 new golf courses, encouraging junior and academy-level golf and then promoting it and making it reach the wider audience base. These simple, yet effective advice need to be implemented by the governments in power in order to enhance the prospectus of Indian Golf in the coming international tournaments and the Olympics.


The problem also lies with the fact that the established Indian golf players, that have won many tournaments world-wide have got little 0r, one can say no Acknowledgments/recognition in India. But these things are soon expected to change, as the new franchisee based model is being experimented with golf too and will slowly and gradually give this sport what it needs – its admirers.



Author: achalghai

I am a avid Golfer and has won over 20 tournaments including the BMW International event. I am closely associated with Emirates Golf Club.

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